Welcome from Tracey

Tracey Southwell Makeup Artist & Personal Stylist Mad Shopper Extraordinare

Tracey Southwell
Makeup Artist & Personal Stylist
Mad Shopper Extraordinare

I love makeup, hair, clothes, handbags, shoes, jewellery…… and shopping.  Always have, always will.

I know how good and confident I feel when my makeup and outfit works for me.  Often though, making the right selection in the myriad of cosmetic and fashion choices can be difficult, frustrating and costly.  I know this only too well.

In the process of creating my own style in a cost efficient yet flattering way, I decided to learn about the building blocks of dressing and make up: body shape, clothing styles, colouring and personality.  These components are unique and different for every single person.

I trained as a makeup artist in Brisbane with Franklin B Chaloner, Hollywood makeup artist, achieving a Diploma in Makeup Artistry, and then with Clarins of Paris, both in beauty and makeup, in salons and stores.  I now stock and use Emani makeup, as sold in Ella Bache Beauty Salons.  I have also worked in ladies upmarket fashion, and have gained a lot of retail experience.

Sometimes, you need someone with an objective eye who can guide you in developing your own personal style in a way that brings all the elements together to create a complete and complimenting picture.

I am excited to offer my experience, training and passion to be your guide in a confusing and multi-faceted fashion market.  Whether you need a special occasion makeup or outfit, or a wardrobe and makeup makeover, we can work together to find a style that is an expression of you.  I am situated at Robina, minutes away from the Robina Town Centre Shopping Centre, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, but my makeup ‘studio’ and shopping expertise are 100% mobile, so I can come to you.

If you would like to radiate a style that reflects your personality, fits well, suits your shape and colouring and is appropriate for the occasion, then let me help you

Live Your Best Life With Style


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