A Dream Come True


I love clothes, handbags, shoes, makeup, hair,  jewellery…… and shopping.  Always have, always will.

Often, making the right selection in the myriad of fashion choices can be difficult, frustrating and costly.  I have learned this the hard way, as many of us have.

In the process of creating my own style in a cost efficient yet flattering way, I decided to learn about the building blocks of dressing: body shape, clothing styles, colouring and personality.  These components are unique and different for every single person.

Sometimes, you need someone with an objective eye who can guide you into developing your own personal style in a way that brings all the elements together to create a complete and complimenting picture.

I am excited to offer my experience, training and passion to be your guide in a confusing and multi-optioned fashion market.  Whether it is for a special occasion outfit or a whole wardrobe, we can work together to find a style that is an expression of you.

I know how confident I feel when my outfit works for me.  It has to reflect my personality, fit well, suit my shape and colouring and be appropriate for the occasion.  If you find you are often lost as to how to create this feeling, then let me help you

Live Your Best Life with Style



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