A Hair Adventure

If you’ve read any of my website, you’ll know by now that I love going to the hairdresser. Love it.  I never see out the prescribed 6 week interval between visits.  Hair is one of the most important style assets you have.  You need to keep it well looked after.

I’ve basically had the same hair style for about three years now, with minor changes here and there.  I’ve loved it.  But recently, I could feel a change coming on.  I have been trying out a new hairdresser, and after two visits to her, I realised that she would be able to pull off something different for me without it being an unmitigated disaster.  I began by mentioning to her at my last regular cut and foils visit that I thought I’d be ready for a change next time, and could she use her creative brain to think of some suggestions for me, now that she had got to know me a little bit and how I managed my hair, my style and my lifestyle.  I began looking around too. (Pinterest can be a great place to look for inspiration, as well as keeping your eye out for what other people are wearing.)

At the next visit, it was Time.  We discussed a few ideas.  Hayley had just come back from the Hair Expo in Sydney.  This is where hairdressers get their creative fix and a chance to find out what is new and hot in the styling world.  She suggested a different colouring technique that I had never tried before.  Because I had developed trust in her judgement and ability over the last couple of months, I agreed to give it a go.  We discussed the cut.  I have had a fringe since the day I was born.  We decided to try sweeping it off my face for a change.

It never fails to amaze me what an impact hair and make-up can have.  So I did my own ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos to demonstrate.  Hair by Hayley of Minogue, Makeup by me.





The result?  I love it.  I feel that this look is both stylish and individual and is an expression of my personality. It feels fresh.  The colour gives my face definition and the cut sits just right because Hayley worked with the direction my hair naturally grows in.

IMG_1656 IMG_1657


Me and my new ‘do’ with the talented Hayley of Minogue

Minogue have two locations, Hayley can be found at the new Reedy Creek shopping centre on the corner of Kingsmore Boulevard.  Thank you Hayley for a great result.  A great hairdresser is worth her weight in gold.

Live Your Best Life – With Style


2 thoughts on “A Hair Adventure

  1. That turned out very well; the staff at Minogue does that surname no injustice and they obviously know what they’re doing.

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