The Eyes Have It

Express Yourself

A great look is one that is polished.  Your eyebrows define and frame your face, give your face shape, open up your eyes and express your emotions.  Over the years, eyebrows have undergone many variations of shape, from very thin to very thick.  They are  often suffering from being over-plucked or lacking in any real definition.   Thin high arched brows have definitely had their day, as have non-existent brows .  Sorry to say, both can make a face look aged.  Likewise, a freehand pencil line can be harsh and unnatural-looking, also creating an aged effect.


This young lady has naturally very fair brows.  See the difference between the ‘natural’ brow and the defined brow;  The eyebrow actually accentuates her make up, defines the shape of her face and gives her a finished, balanced look.

Introducing the Brow Kit by Christian


This wonderful little make up remedy  will have you looking defined and polished in a flash. Easy to use, water proof and fail safe, this compact comes with three basic eyebrow stencils, a double ended applicator brush and an eyebrow powder in a range of natural colours that will suit any colouring.  

I accept Paypal, so please register your order via the comment form below and I will send you a Paypal invoice and post to you free of charge.  If you are not sure of your correct colour, please contact me on the form below for more information.



The colour range from light to dark:

Taupe, Tan, Dark Brown, Brown, Bronze, Irid Brown, Charcoal, Black.

RRP AU$42.00 incl postage and handling



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