Nauty But Nice: Getting in the mood for Spring

I love Nautical Colours and Stripes!

IMG_1825I can’t get enough stripes. I. Love. Them.  In my wardrobe, they come mainly in blues, but recently, in black and white too, as it seems this will be a big feature for Spring 2013.  Today I wore this gorgeous new little jacket from Sass, an affordable line from Sass and Bide.  It is a stretch jersey fabric with a 3/4 sleeve – oh so easy to wear and perfect for pre-spring.  Today I paired it with black jeans and t-shirt, but wait til I mix it up with some red shoes and coloured jeans.

Jacket: Sass.  Pants:  Country Road black stretch.  Ballet Flats: Midas.  Plain Black T-shirt: Sportscraft.  Watch: DKNY


I wore a coral-pink lippy so my face kept up with the intensity of black and white.

Coral is a great colour that has intensity without being too harsh.  Often if you can’t wear red, you can wear coral as a substitute.

Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Coral Pink

yAnd here is another idea for stripes, but using the traditional navy and white theme, which is easy to mix with classic accessories, such as the pearl studs, navy bag and red/navy neckerchief.  This is such a good basic canvas to mix and match different accessories to either dress it up or down.  It is  understated and classy and can take you anywhere.

Bring on Spring!

Top and Pants: Sportscraft;  Bag: Fossil;  Shoes: Vans ‘Authentic’;  Sunglasses: Ray Bans Havana Wayfarer;  Belt:  Esprit

If this left you wanting more, call me to arrange a personal shopping trip.  See My Services for more details.


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