I Love To Shop

I Love to Shop  

Have I told you before?  When I’m out and about doing my Hunter/Gatherer thing, I am in the moment.  I love colour, texture and style.  I love the possibilities of where each piece can take me.  I love to see how I can recreate myself with each new item, honing my sense of style and keeping it fresh.  And I’ve discovered that I can do it for others, not just myself.

Apparently not everyone gets the kick out of shopping that I do.  Apparently it fills some people with dread.  They don’t know where to start.  They end up in tears in the fitting room because the sizing is not standard and they can’t ‘fit into anything’.  Then they get home and the piece they’ve bought won’t go with anything much, or worse, they come home empty handed.  It can be a disappointing experience.

images-7That’s where my shopping services come in.  I do the leg work for you.  I interview you and we work out what we’re looking for before the day.  I want you to see how beautiful you are, not be in tears in the fitting room.  I will go and do a reconnaissance mission before we go out together, to get a good idea if what you are wanting is out there and if not, what else I can suggest, and if we can do it within your budget.  Then when we go to the shops together, I have a clear idea of 4 or 5 shops I will take you to.

Shopping can be exhausting and emotionally draining.  But it can also be fun, creative and exciting, as we piece together your style and image to reflect what you want to say to the world.

images-8Give me a call today.  It is easy.  And I love doing it.  I love to see the smile on my client’s face when something works.  I love to see their confidence shift up a gear as they begin to find clothes that express their style.

Love Your Life, Love Your Style

Love Life Style


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