Why Shopping Can be Such an Emotional Process

Shopping for clothes.

800273-woman-in-formal-chair-surrounded-by-shoes-and-dresses-frustrated-with-shoppingHow does that sentence make you feel?  Does it fill you with a sense of wonder and excitement about discovering something new, or does it fill you with dread, and make you feel like ripping your hair out in frustration because you can’t find anything you like that fits?  Have you been reduced to tears because you can’t find a style that works for you?

Ever thought about the emotional investment that goes into our appearance?images-1

Do you know where that started?  Maybe it began in childhood when you were scolded for scuffing your good shoes, or maybe you had to wear clothes that didn’t fit right and they were uncomfortable, maybe they were hand-me-downs, and you always felt second best.  Maybe your body has changed and you just don’t know how to dress it to suit your shape anymore. Maybe you’re so frustrated, you’ve given up trying to look good at all.

Clothes really carry a lot of emotional baggage for us.  They not only tell a story about us to the rest of the world, they represent how we feel about ourselves.  Sometimes, we get that story right.  Other times, it gets lost in a confusing array of choices, colours and styles that we have no clue about.  Take sizing for example: Sizing is NOT standard across stores, or even brands.  I have had clients who are different sizes within the one brand, simply in a different style.  It’s confusing for a stylist, let alone a customer who has their self-esteem pinned on being a ‘certain size’.

Shopping for clothes is really a simple process – if you take the emotion right out of it.

When I take you shopping, we are on an assignment that we have both agreed to.  We have a list.  We have direction.  I am not making a judgement about the sizes I am handing to you, I am not making any negative judgements about your size whatsoever.  It doesn’t matter to me the size of your garments.  What matters is that they fit you correctly.  Personally to me, the sizing standard makes no sense, and it’s not worth getting upset about.  It is a number that identifies one garment from another on a rack.

As for giving up on your appearance just because the manufacturers can’t get it right, well, that’s just sad.  Come shopping with me, I’ll make you look good.  And I’ll take the pain out of it.  Call me.



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