5 Things I’ve Learned So Far This Year

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Part 1

1. Rescue dogs make the most loving, grateful and loyal companions

We lost our beloved family dog, Brandy the Boxer,  in February this year at the age of 12.  After having a close and loving relationship with Brandy, my house was empty and devoid of the kind of love and companionship that only an animal can give you. More importantly, my grief would not heal.

One Saturday morning I made a visit to our local animal shelter, and found a tiny little black and white ball of fluff shivering in the corner of a pen with a dozen other small white fluffy things bouncing off the walls around her.  This little one did not like being in there with the other mad creatures at all, and was trying to shield herself from them jumping all over her.  As that is how I often feel in my daily life…

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