Things I’ve Learned So Far This Year: Part 3

Part 3:  How Much I Would Use and Appreciate a MacBook Air Laptop

So when I had the (crazy) idea that I would like to write a fashion blog, I mentioned to The Hubster how much I’d probably like to have my own laptop.  We have a massive iMac up in the study,  and as he pointed out, it is a perfectly good computer.  But there were 2 things about that:

1.  That room is kind of his domain, and it gets very little sunlight.  In fact, none at all until late afternoon.  And it’s kind of depressing to have to be locked up in there all day, when I have the most amazing outlook and deck downstairs in the living area (we live on an acre of natural bushland, built into the side of a hill, so we look out at the vista of trees and birds and gardens – it is beautiful)  After studying for most of my degree up in that room, I didnt’ want to be locked up in there for hours at a time writing my blog.  In fact, if I had to do that, then I wouldn’t.

2.  The computer is ours to share, but it’s really kind of ‘his’.  If any of you ladies share a computer with someone at your place, you’ll know what I mean.  It’s like, on the weekend, he’s in front of it.  All.  The. Time.  Plus, he stores stuff in places and I have no idea where to look for it, like the family photos of last years holiday or the copy of my latest resume.  You get the idea.

What’s really interesting about me making the suggestion about getting my own laptop, is that I only said it Once,  and explained my ‘issues’ as outlined above.  I thought no more of it.

That week was a busy one; it was the week I welcomed little Pippin into our home, so I was kind of euphoric and excited and worried all at the same time.  That Friday, I got in from work, and The Hubster comes downstairs to greet me with something under his jumper.  Still no clue.  Was it another puppy to keep our precious Pip company?  Was it the next book in the Game of Thrones series?  Was it my store-card statements?

With a sheepish grin, he hands me a white bag with a silver apple on the front.  It could only be one thing.  OMG.  He didn’t.  He did.  He went out and bought me, not only a laptop, but the crowning glory of all laptops – a MacBook Air.  Well, that was a turn up.  I was speechless.  I told him that I was only considering a small cheap laptop for less than half the price of this one. He said that after having an iMac and iPhones, how could I consider such blasphemy, and that if he was going to get me one, it would be a ‘proper’ one.  Oh, and he also mentioned that he felt I deserved it for all I do for our family, having raised 2 children to adulthood,  putting up with him for so long, and wanted me to have something really nice that I could call ‘my own’ and wouldn’t have to share with anyone.


A thing of beauty

Receiving with Grace

One thing I learned a long time ago ladies, is that you must, MUST always receive a gift from a man with grace and gratitude.  Never NEVER turn it down, never seriously imply that he shouldn’t have.  It’s ok to put your hands to your face in surprise and exclaim “Oh you shouldn’t have” but only in polite self deference, don’t say it with gravitas. And here I’ll illustrate why:

I worked with a gal once who was a control freak over the money in her household.  They were a young family, both hard workers, never wasted money and were trying hard to get ahead.  It was truly admirable.  One day, hubby turned up with a gorgeous gold bracelet for her birthday.  He worked hard and he wanted to show his wife that he loved her and give her something precious, something she would never buy herself.  Know what she did next?  Took it back to the store for a refund.  They couldn’t afford it, she said, because they were saving up for a holiday.  Are you surprised to hear that he never bought her another gift ever again?  When she rejected his gift, she rejected his goodwill, his love and his ability to provide for the family.  It is rare that a man will ever give you a chance to reject them a second time.

On the other hand, a friend of a friend always accepted gifts from her hubby with grace.  He would buy her a piece of jewellery for her birthday.  Mostly it was inexpensive silver bracelets.  She wore them occasionally when they went out together to show him that she appreciated him thinking of her, even though she didn’t really like them.  One birthday, after a good business deal, he turns up with another bracelet.  It was in a green bag.  It was from Tiffany.  She hit the jackpot folks.  He now buys her a piece from Tiffany’s every birthday.  And we all admire her collection, and her grace is a lesson to us all.

What I did next

I jumped up and down in excitement like a little kid.  I hugged him and kissed him and thanked him.  I still thank him.  I use this laptop every single day.  And I never once mentioned anything about the expense.

I can now watch movies or documentaries while I am ironing.  I can keep all my photos in logical order.  I do all my banking and bill paying online.  And let’s not mention my unimpeded access to eBay, StrawberryNet and Facebook.  But most importantly, I have managed to build this blog and website.  The Hubster started me off, and I did the rest.  And blogging has opened up a whole community that I never knew existed.  Same with Facebook.  I know social media gets a lot of bad press, but used wisely, it is a wonderful connector of people.

I sit here in heaven on the deck with wifi and coffee.  With Pip.  She knows how to boot it up and go straight to StrawberryNet for the day’s daily special.  Here she is demonstrating her computer skills.

I’d better sign off now, we have cat vids to watch on Youtube. xxx


It’s booting up, Mum


After StrawberryNet, can we watch the funny cats again?


My babies: Pip and Mac


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