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Last week I had the privilege of attending a trade workshop with the founder, creator and CEO of Emani Makeup, Michelle Doan, here from the US to promote her fabulous brand at the Beauty and Spa Expo held in Sydney last month.

Tracey with Michelle Doan, Us creator and CEO of Emani Makeup

Tracey with Michelle Doan, US Creator and CEO of Emani Makeup

Michelle has suffered from severe cystic acne all her life.  She was sick and tired of spending money on cosmetics that she couldn’t safely and effectively use on her sensitive skin, so she got up and made her own.

Michelle related to the audience how she is super vigilant about every single ingredient that goes into her products because she wants a brand that can be safely used on any skin, even the most immuno-compromised.

Michelle’s brand ideology is about empowering women to be their best, so her brand bodes well with my own philosophy.  It was not only an honour, but also a delight to meet her.


In the same week, I had some clients for makeup consults and here are some of the comments that have come back:

Great product Tracey, simply love it, all mineral…I LOVE it.    –  KT from Hawthorne.

Love it!! So impressed with everything you have suggested, the colour range especially. I particularly love the bronzer and blush as it looks so natural compared to what I was using before. Emani stays on all day, no touch ups required…….well maybe on the nose but that’s about all!          –  SB from Mt Tamborine.


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