Out And About – Real Gals from Real Life

Congratulations for being a Woman

I met this beautiful young woman today in one of my favorite boutiques.  I overheard a conversation she was having with the shop assistant and being nosy, couldn’t resist joining in.  It was about shoes.  Sandals to be exact.  These divine little flat leather thong style sandals with jewelled accents.  We got talking.

Thing is ladies, this blog is about real women in real life.  Not airbrushed imitations of women in magazines, not celebrities who hold up a standard that is impossible for most women to achieve, but real everyday honest to goodness women who very often don’t see their beauty, only their flaws and imperfections.

So I’m here to celebrate the beauty.  In all women.  Everywhere.

I looked into this young woman’s face and I saw her heart, her spirit.  I saw that she was trying her best to be her best.  To all you women out there who do the same, I congratulate you.  I am not about perfection.  I am about helping women be the best they can by giving them some of the tools to make their appearance the best it can be.  And that’s all we can ask from ourselves isn’t it?  That we at least try to be our best.  So let’s stop judging ourselves by other’s standards, or worse, by the standards imposed on us by a multi billion dollar fashion and cosmetics industry, and let’s just start being ok with who we are and celebrating that.  We are all so different, it amazes me that we are expected to be able to pick clothes off a standardised rack and have it fit.  And don’t get me started on the lack of sizing standardisation in the fashion industry, or even across a single brand.


Courtney: A million dollar smile and a beautiful spirit

Let me congratulate Courtney.  Who I think is beautiful, remarkable and delightful.  I hope you do too.  But then, my opinion, and yours come to that, is neither here nor there.  I hope Courtney sees herself that way, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

By the way Courtney, I hope you bought that dress because Baby, you rock it.

Thanks for being part of my blog.

Love your life, Love your style xxxxx


The bejewelled sandals. Made for Goddesses


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