Something Old Something New

Something Old, Something New

Dear Friends,

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve had some pressing family matters to attend to, but I’m pleased to say that things now seem to be settling down and my energy can once again focus on sharing with you my thoughts on style.

I have picked up a new ‘hobby’ since I last wrote.  It may not be new to you dear readers, but it is to me.  In America, they call it ‘thrifting’.  Here, I call it ‘eBaying’.  I have discovered there is an abundance of pre-loved designer treasures to be snavelled up for a fraction of their original cost on the wonderful world of eBay.

Recent purchases include a Boo Radley black linen short sleeve jacket delivered for $30, a Wallis white linen jacket delivered for $25, a David Lawrence linen jacket delivered for $28 and the most wonderful bargain of all: a George Gross silk dress, brand new, never worn, with original tags marked at $299.95 for only $65 delivered.  And it fit perfectly.

Fit is one of the risks of buying online.  However, to minimise the risk of the item not fitting, consider the following:

Ask the seller for measurements

Look for styles that you know already suit you

Budget for potential alterations by a dressmaker

Designer pieces seem to have a timeless quality about their style and creation.  As popular fads come and go, a designer piece should hold it’s own in the fashion stakes.

The beauty of searching online for these pre-loved items is that you can look for things that are slightly different to what is being offered in the shops, and enhance your own creative style by adding pieces that are not stock standard off the rack.

So now I wear a ‘vintage’ piece here or there and am delighted with my bargains as I have carefully chosen items that will go with my existing wardrobe.  I bought 4 pieces for the same cost as one linen jacket would have cost me ‘off the rack’.  And I have saved all these beautiful pieces being thrown into landfill.  Quite a satisfying feeling all round.

1310182172644040_1 1611168519584040_1 1611167576604040_1 1711172542824040_1

There are a few things to consider when bidding on eBay.  To secure the bargain you desire, you really need to be either online or on your mobile when the item auction ends because that is when the bidding really hots up.  But it is a bit of fun and excitement, especially when you win! Happy bidding as they say!

I’d love to hear about your thoughts or experiences with buying from Thrift Shops or eBay, so please share!

Carpe Diem



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