Who Inspires You?

Who Inspires You?

Readers of my blog may notice that my focus is not on celebrity, but about enabling women to find confidence and belief in themselves to express their own personality and style through what they wear and how they present themselves to the world.  You won’t find articles here that may cause you to compare yourself to women who have an army of experts to turn them out looking like models every day of the week.  Comparison is the enemy of confidence, self-esteem and creativity.

However, there are always one or two exceptions.  I find inspiration in women who look as though they portray the same values as I stand for.  Women of style and courage who stand out from the plethora of images that bombard us daily.  Here is one woman who I find to be a little inspirational.

Sure, she’s most likely to have had some ‘work’ done, but her face has not been pulled tight to erase all signs of having lived a life.  She is a family woman.  She comes across as being authentic with a vivacious smile. I like her style and her short hair cuts. She looks like someone I’d like to meet for coffee.

Annette Bening:

images-7 7.52.09 AM Annette Bening in Virtuose annette_bening_photo_3 Unknown annette_bening_2004_12_10 The 77th Annual Academy Awards - Nominees Luncheon

So dear Reader, who is your inspiration?  Who inspires you these days, whether it be in life, work, or style?

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