Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’

It’s warming up here in Oz.  Time to get the summer wardrobe ready.  How’s your skin?  Is it ready for the revealing dresses and singlets of summer?

I’m a naturally pale, fair skinned soul.  Peeps like me do not and should not try to ‘tan’*.  Actually, with the prevalence of skin cancer in our country, nobody should.  But some can hold colour, and I believe that a bit of colour actually makes summer fashion look better.

There aren’t many options for a sun free colour.  Basically, there are only 3.  And I’m not counting solariums in that number, as the health risks there are not desirable either.


Spray Tans. Great if you’re about to star in your own wedding/party/special occasion.  They wear off, and done badly, they can streak.  I also do not find the whole ‘getting sprayed’ ordeal enjoyable.  And the colour doesn’t last very long on me.  I look good for the day after the spraying, then by day 3, I really need to get in there with a good scrub and get rid of the remainder as it’s usually gone blotchy. At around $35 a go, it is  special occasion thing for me.

images-1Self Tanning Creams.  I am yet to find one that doesn’t make me look yellow.  Actually, I haven’t seen it on many people who don’t look yellow or obvious.  And the yellow palms, knees and ankles are a dead giveaway that you’re using it.  I also found that as the colour developed on me, it did not smell so good. I gave it up a long time ago.

Tanning Makeup.  Yes.  ‘Makeup’.  I have found 2 products so far that I don’t mind.


Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs


I am not trying to create a look that makes me look darker than I really am, I just want to take that ‘cadaverous white’ appearance off my legs.  You know what I’m talking about.  So last summer, I used the Sally Hansen lightest shade on my legs, and also, on my arms and décolletage, when I was wearing a strappy summer dress or singlet.  And I was happy with the results.  I even wore it when I was swimming and it didn’t come off until I washed it off with a sponge in the shower.  I still have half a can left from last summer.  Not bad for $15.00.  By the way, although it comes in a spray can, you don’t just spray it all over yourself.  No.  Use a little moisturiser first, then spray a line of product and blend it in evenly, adding more as you build up to the colour you desire.

The second product I recently purchased to try is this one:


Dr LeWinns Instant Body Bronzer

It is just like a moisturising gel only with colour.  This product is excellent.  It blends in easily, dries quickly, looks natural, and doesn’t rub off on your clothing.  My only criticism would be the fragrance of the product, it would be better if it was unscented, as I use my own beautiful perfume, and don’t need help from a body lotion, but the smell faded away completely after about an hour.  I used it on my legs, arms, shoulders and décolletage for a realistic summer glow. I went to the beach with Pip for a walk, and it did kind of wash off where the sand and salt water continually rubbed at my ankles, but the rest stayed put.  This is my new favourite product and only cost $14.00.  Dr LeWinns are well known here in Australia as a skin care company, and they have a fairly good reputation.

So, what about you dear Reader?  What are your favorite ways to get your bod ready to be revealed?  If you do decide to try using natural sunshine, please make sure you use a 50+ sunscreen, at least on your face.  You will still get sun exposure even using sun protection creams.  Stay safe, and protect your skin from premature ageing!

Happy Tanning

Carpe Diem


*Except for the lass I work with who has the most amazing olive skin and no history of skin cancer gene in her family.  Keep sun baking Riss, some peeps are ok to enjoy it, just keep an eye on any ‘unusual’ freckles or spots xxx


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