Kiss ‘n’ Make up

I hosted a private makeup workshop last Saturday with two gorgeous women who I enjoyed working with so much, it felt like a sleep-over makeup party, until they had to say goodbye and go home.  I always like to share the things I’ve learned on my cosmetic ‘journey’ with my makeup workshop participants, it is after all, the reason they come to a workshop, as well as to learn and experiment.  So I thought I’d share the some of the same learning outcomes, goals and tips here with you:

Makeup Workshop Goals and Learning Outcomes

  • That you LEARN at least one new thing today
  • That you TRY at least one new thing: technique or colour
  • That you have the confidence to apply or use that new thing yourself at home
  • That at least one of your questions have been answered
  • That you feel I addressed your individual concern/s and assets adequately
  • That you can take what you’ve learned here and apply the techniques for yourself using other makeup colours and palettes
  • That you FEEL more confident and beautiful when you leave than you did when you arrived

My Makeup Tips

I only recommend makeup that I use and love, and know is safe.  This year I have discovered Emani, and am delighted to have joined the Emani ‘family’.  It is natural, free from nasty chemicals and can be used on the most sensitive, immuno-suppressed skin.  It wears with incredible yet natural coverage and professional  lasting staying power.


Emani: safe, reliable, value for money


Soft natural beautiful colours


Professional quality


No harmful chemicals on your lips


  • As with most things in life, with makeup, the old adage is also true:

You only get what you pay for

  • Applying makeup is a skill.  Just like any other skill, it can be learned and perfected, but it will take practise and time.


  • The importance of using the correct tools cannot be overstated.  Buy and use good quality brushes and wash them regularly to keep them free from oil and makeup build-up



  • Always have cotton tips on hand – they are a makeup artists secret to expert application.

  • Unknown Your whole look can be let down by your lashes and mascara.  use an eyelash curler for perfectly lifted and separated lashes, then coat with fresh mascara.  Once opened, mascara  really only lasts for about 3 months.  Keep the wand free of build up, clumps and lost lashes by wiping with a clean tissue and/or running it under hot water.  Apply the mascara up and outwards for a more open eye.

Happy Making Up everyone!


Love Your Life, Love Your Style


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