We only have one body and this body is NOW

calla-lilies--black-and-white-larry-carrSad news of the sudden and premature passing of a gym colleague last Friday prompted me to revisit my philosophical thoughts regarding our existence on this planet

It is my observation that we only have one body.  This body allows us to function and ‘live’ a life.  It may not be the life you want.  It may not be the body you want.  But it is the ONLY body you have.  The life you have is largely the result of choices you made a long time ago; maybe because of the body you have, maybe not; but it can be changed.

Here’s what came to me:

We can GRIEVE for the body we used to have, we can WISH for the body we want to have, we can ENVY the body others have, but at the end of the day, we only have ONE body, and that is the one we have TODAY.  Instead of hating it, loathing it and telling it how dreadful it is, how about we try, just TRY to learn how to appreciate it, stop for one moment comparing it, and maybe, just maybe, learn to LOVE it…. ok, let’s start with ACCEPTING it.

For me, learning how to dress for my shape, body, lifestyle and personality was the beginning of the Journey back to mySelf, and regaining my own power. We are multifaceted and not one dimensional magazine pictures.  We are more than a number on a scale. We are Human Beings: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, all wrapped into one.

It is as simple as making a choice.  I know what my friend would have said.

Carpe Diem.

Tracey xxx

Ps, if you want help with learning how to dress it or make it over, give me a call.


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