Crazy for: new Scensibilities

Mr Armani: Why oh why?


The inimitable Cate

Have you seen the new scent by Giorgio Armani?  It is called Si.  It is being marketed using that beautiful and unworldly creature Cate Blanchette.


Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolfe

I’ve been a fan of Viktor & Rolfe’s universally gorgeous and uplifting Flower Bomb for 3 years now.  This new fragrance Si, has some very similar notes, but it is also subtly different.  In a good way.  It has some deeper, darker muskier after tones that linger and last so elegantly.

I change my fragrance with the season, the day, my mood, my hormones, the occasion. A veritable ‘wardrobe’ of fragrances. (oh what luxury!)

Our body is basically a sack of chemicals and our skin is the largest excretory organ of the body.  So the chemical reaction of the fragrances we wear will vary depending on what that chemical cocktail is affected by, and the ambient temperature in which we live.

For winter, I go for mossy greens such as Chanel  or woody amber warms like Bottega Veneta which, when used on the cleavage, is like giving yourself a big warm bosomy hug from a mother.  It keeps you warm.

images-1 images-2


DKNY Pure with a hint of Vanilla

For summer, it has to be fresh: florals, citrus, a hint of vanilla but not too much.

And then sometimes, out of the blue, a new aroma will hit you and you will know.  You will know, you MUST have it.  Si?  Yes please, Mr Armani, yes please.



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