A Lucky Find

It’s been a few weeks since I shared anything with you all.  This is mainly because I was such a busy little elf (working) over Christmas, that it has taken me a little while to recover my energies and passion for writing.

My son graduated high school last November, and he has been enjoying a new found freedom.  The week after graduation, he also obtained his drivers license and a car.  For him, the summer has been one long holiday of spending time with (ex) school-chums at the beach and the hinterland swimming creeks, bowling alleys, camping and  music festivals.  He has worn through more than one pair of shorts, ripped the bum out of his (expensive) board shorts and lost a pair of jeans.  This left his diminishing  wardrobe quite wanting, with regular cries of ‘I haven’t got anything to wear’ and ‘have you done the washing today?’.  The problems were as follows: 1.  He won’t go out and buy clothes.  He is too busy out socialising and has developed a pathological hatred of shopping.  2. At the rate he was a ruining them and wearing them out/losing them, I was reluctant to spend up to $70 per pair of shorts.  What to do?

602361_108426922656770_1617505073_nI visited my local Red Cross Op Shop.  They have just opened a new store in our village. ( And it doesn’t have that ‘op-shop smell’ that I find quite off-putting.)


Try and wear the backside out of these, Dear

Rummaging through the men’s shorts, I gathered up anything in a 32-34 inch waist that they had.  I even grabbed a couple of the lairiest, brightest Hawaiian-style shirts, as these seem to be der rigeur for his group of friends at the moment.  I built a veritable pile of clothes on the counter.  I had the volunteer ladies frothing at the mouth as they tried to keep up with folding and sorting the vast collection  amassing in front of them.  Ralph Lauren, Gant, Super Dry, J Crew, Asos and RM Williams.  All brand-name stuff.  I was deep into ‘The Zone”.


The ugly shirt. Nothing further needs to be said. He loved it.


A real find: Current Retail $129.95 – Op-shop bargain $15.00

I wasn’t finished yet.  With my keen eagle eyes, I spotted a little pair of sandals on the shoe table.  Size 38.  Could it be true? I quickly slipped my sandals off to try these, with an expectation they had been surrendered due to a fault which would become apparent upon trying them on.  No fault was visible and they fitted perfectly.  They even had the box.  How much were they?  $15.  What was the retail price?  $129.95.  I had seen these sandals  in store.  In fact, I had looked at them with a client, but we decided against them, as the footbed had no support and we deemed them uncomfortable and not practical. But for a fraction of the price, I felt these anomalies could easily be overlooked.

Back to the counter where the action had calmed and the tallying began.  It turned out that ‘menswear’ was actually HALF PRICE that day.  The collection for Master L came to a grand total of $31.50.  My sandals cost $15.00.  I have worn those sandals everywhere since, they are totally adorable and add a touch of bling to a summer dress.  They aren’t even too uncomfortable either.  I’d like to sing out a big thank you to whoever the lovely lady was that donated these beauties, who had the thought that someone else might find them and appreciate them.  I did, and I do.

And how did the findings go down with Master L?  He loved everything and for the most part, it all fitted.  He now has four pairs of board shorts, 5 pairs of chino shorts, 2 Hawaiian shirts and I even got a pair of shorts and shirt for his best-friend.  No more screams about nothing to wear, and he can go all week without needing to launder.

Do you ever ‘op-shop’?  It is a revelation to me now!  And I have already donated a few bags of things from around the home that no-one uses/fits into or wants anymore, to pay back what I took.  And the lovely ladies at the Red Cross know me by name.

Carpe Diem




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