Autumnal Evocations

The turn of the Season is coming, and the Autumn/Winter stock for 2014 is starting to appear on the racks.  This brings a special kind of excitement for me.  I love winter.  I love the clothes, the fashion, the coolness of the air and trips to even chillier Melbourne to visit family.  Where I live, in the Gold Coast Hinterland in South East Queensland, we don’t really have a ‘winter’ as such.  It is more 3 months of mild weather where the sun shines, the temperature stabilises at a pleasant 21-24 celsius during the day, and plummets to a mild 10-15c at night time.  On really cold nights, it may even get down to 8 or 9c.  We still manage to light our beautiful wood fire, which is a feature in our living area during those months, as although we have a mild winter, we still feel the chill, particularly in the woodland valley we live in.


Brandy the Boxer enjoying the first fire of Winter 2012

Here is a picture of the first lighting of the fire in June 2012 when our beloved Boxer Dog, Brandy, was still with us.  He loved winter as much as I did.  His favourite spot was always right by the fire, bless him.  (After being a faithful and true companion to our family for over 12 years, Brandy went to explore more heavenly pastures in February 2012.  He was a Prince among Dogs and is still missed)

I digress.

This post is about the styles that are coming into store.  A couple of my picks include a staple denim jacket by Sussan.  I bought the same version of this jacket in white last September and have had so much use out of it, I wondered why I’d never bought the denim one, so it is currently on lay-by, waiting for the temps to drop a little before I get it.  Word is that ‘denim is hot’ for AW in Aus 2014….


Denim jacket from

The other staple for the wardrobe is the classic chino pant.  I have always preferred chinos to jeans, for the simple reason that they are my preference for comfort.  I have a girlfriend who has a different shaped body, with gorgeous long legs, and her staple is blue denim with her signature man-style shirt, and it looks awesome.  But for me, I think I overdid the (acid-wash) denim in the ’80s and now prefer the ‘middle path’.  These are delightful, again by Sussan.  They are a more casual fabric than some of the others on offer, and they have a very narrow ankle, which suits my shape.  They are stretchy and look terrific paired with the denim jacket.


Chino pant from


Striped T with bling

Being a perpetual sucker for  the classic striped breton T-shirt, I also signed up for this gorgeous little number, which comes complete with it’s own bling.

If I lived in colder climes, this adorable winter parka by Country Road would be my go-to jacket of choice.  Love the navy colour and the faux fur around the hood.


Faux Fur Trim Parka Navy from country

And finally, I love this look which is in the new Country Road Catalogue for AWW14.  Just my style:  a cheeky stripe breton, a moto or denim jacket, a pair of slim pants/chinos and chunky soled shoe.  I’m a sucker for anything ‘mannish’ in women’s fashion. (Again with the stripes…)


Just My Style!

Have you started planning your Autumn/Winter wardrobe yet?  Which pieces are you coveting?

Carpe Diem



3 thoughts on “Autumnal Evocations

    • I hear you – you don’t want a saggy rump.. I haven’t worn these ones yet, but it is an unfortunate side effect of some chinos. I loved your recent report to the Board. I recently had the honour of an hour with my brother who is a WordPress genius, and together, we have made some recent menu changes in the hope of improving accessibility of my site. I also saw that I hadn’t updated my “Blogs I Follow” to include yours, which has now been amended. xxx

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