We only have one body and this body is NOW

calla-lilies--black-and-white-larry-carrSad news of the sudden and premature passing of a gym colleague last Friday prompted me to revisit my philosophical thoughts regarding our existence on this planet

It is my observation that we only have one body.  This body allows us to function and ‘live’ a life.  It may not be the life you want.  It may not be the body you want.  But it is the ONLY body you have.  The life you have is largely the result of choices you made a long time ago; maybe because of the body you have, maybe not; but it can be changed.

Here’s what came to me:

We can GRIEVE for the body we used to have, we can WISH for the body we want to have, we can ENVY the body others have, but at the end of the day, we only have ONE body, and that is the one we have TODAY.  Instead of hating it, loathing it and telling it how dreadful it is, how about we try, just TRY to learn how to appreciate it, stop for one moment comparing it, and maybe, just maybe, learn to LOVE it…. ok, let’s start with ACCEPTING it.

For me, learning how to dress for my shape, body, lifestyle and personality was the beginning of the Journey back to mySelf, and regaining my own power. We are multifaceted and not one dimensional magazine pictures.  We are more than a number on a scale. We are Human Beings: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, all wrapped into one.

It is as simple as making a choice.  I know what my friend would have said.

Carpe Diem.

Tracey xxx

Ps, if you want help with learning how to dress it or make it over, give me a call.


Who Inspires You?

Who Inspires You?

Readers of my blog may notice that my focus is not on celebrity, but about enabling women to find confidence and belief in themselves to express their own personality and style through what they wear and how they present themselves to the world.  You won’t find articles here that may cause you to compare yourself to women who have an army of experts to turn them out looking like models every day of the week.  Comparison is the enemy of confidence, self-esteem and creativity.

However, there are always one or two exceptions.  I find inspiration in women who look as though they portray the same values as I stand for.  Women of style and courage who stand out from the plethora of images that bombard us daily.  Here is one woman who I find to be a little inspirational.

Sure, she’s most likely to have had some ‘work’ done, but her face has not been pulled tight to erase all signs of having lived a life.  She is a family woman.  She comes across as being authentic with a vivacious smile. I like her style and her short hair cuts. She looks like someone I’d like to meet for coffee.

Annette Bening:

images-7 7.52.09 AM Annette Bening in Virtuose annette_bening_photo_3 Unknown annette_bening_2004_12_10 The 77th Annual Academy Awards - Nominees Luncheon

So dear Reader, who is your inspiration?  Who inspires you these days, whether it be in life, work, or style?

Please share

Authentically Yours


Workshop Beauties

Makeup Workshop Saturday 21 September

It’s been all go here at Love Life Style Central.  Last week, I was busy doing formal makeup, this weekend I hosted the first Love Life Style Makeup Workshop for four beautiful women.  We had an afternoon of fun with makeup, a spot of yummy afternoon tea, and the glowing faces tell the story.  Makeup was by Emani.


The workshop space:
Each lady had a mirror, tools, brushes and makeup supplied

Topics covered included:

Colour selection for each client, correct position and application of product, one to one demonstration on how to create an eye look and a personalised template to take home, plus there were some great ‘style guide’ books available to get the creative juices flowing!

photo copy 2

Patsy, glowing and looking refreshed

JAckie Moore

Jackie minus her dark circles and looking five years younger!

photo copy

Lea and Belle, sunkissed and peachy!

photo copy 3

The happy group – beautiful ladies to work with!

The next Love Life Style Makeup Workshop will be on Saturday 12 October 2013.  Please register your interest by using the contact form below.

Love your Life, Love your Style.  Love Life Style.

Out And About – Real Gals from Real Life

Congratulations for being a Woman

I met this beautiful young woman today in one of my favorite boutiques.  I overheard a conversation she was having with the shop assistant and being nosy, couldn’t resist joining in.  It was about shoes.  Sandals to be exact.  These divine little flat leather thong style sandals with jewelled accents.  We got talking.

Thing is ladies, this blog is about real women in real life.  Not airbrushed imitations of women in magazines, not celebrities who hold up a standard that is impossible for most women to achieve, but real everyday honest to goodness women who very often don’t see their beauty, only their flaws and imperfections.

So I’m here to celebrate the beauty.  In all women.  Everywhere.

I looked into this young woman’s face and I saw her heart, her spirit.  I saw that she was trying her best to be her best.  To all you women out there who do the same, I congratulate you.  I am not about perfection.  I am about helping women be the best they can by giving them some of the tools to make their appearance the best it can be.  And that’s all we can ask from ourselves isn’t it?  That we at least try to be our best.  So let’s stop judging ourselves by other’s standards, or worse, by the standards imposed on us by a multi billion dollar fashion and cosmetics industry, and let’s just start being ok with who we are and celebrating that.  We are all so different, it amazes me that we are expected to be able to pick clothes off a standardised rack and have it fit.  And don’t get me started on the lack of sizing standardisation in the fashion industry, or even across a single brand.


Courtney: A million dollar smile and a beautiful spirit

Let me congratulate Courtney.  Who I think is beautiful, remarkable and delightful.  I hope you do too.  But then, my opinion, and yours come to that, is neither here nor there.  I hope Courtney sees herself that way, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

By the way Courtney, I hope you bought that dress because Baby, you rock it.

Thanks for being part of my blog.

Love your life, Love your style xxxxx


The bejewelled sandals. Made for Goddesses

Latest News and Reviews

Latest News from Love Life Style Central

Last week I had the privilege of attending a trade workshop with the founder, creator and CEO of Emani Makeup, Michelle Doan, here from the US to promote her fabulous brand at the Beauty and Spa Expo held in Sydney last month.

Tracey with Michelle Doan, Us creator and CEO of Emani Makeup

Tracey with Michelle Doan, US Creator and CEO of Emani Makeup

Michelle has suffered from severe cystic acne all her life.  She was sick and tired of spending money on cosmetics that she couldn’t safely and effectively use on her sensitive skin, so she got up and made her own.

Michelle related to the audience how she is super vigilant about every single ingredient that goes into her products because she wants a brand that can be safely used on any skin, even the most immuno-compromised.

Michelle’s brand ideology is about empowering women to be their best, so her brand bodes well with my own philosophy.  It was not only an honour, but also a delight to meet her.


In the same week, I had some clients for makeup consults and here are some of the comments that have come back:

Great product Tracey, simply love it, all mineral…I LOVE it.    –  KT from Hawthorne.

Love it!! So impressed with everything you have suggested, the colour range especially. I particularly love the bronzer and blush as it looks so natural compared to what I was using before. Emani stays on all day, no touch ups required…….well maybe on the nose but that’s about all!          –  SB from Mt Tamborine.