Kiss ‘n’ Make up

I hosted a private makeup workshop last Saturday with two gorgeous women who I enjoyed working with so much, it felt like a sleep-over makeup party, until they had to say goodbye and go home.  I always like to share the things I’ve learned on my cosmetic ‘journey’ with my makeup workshop participants, it is after all, the reason they come to a workshop, as well as to learn and experiment.  So I thought I’d share the some of the same learning outcomes, goals and tips here with you:

Makeup Workshop Goals and Learning Outcomes

  • That you LEARN at least one new thing today
  • That you TRY at least one new thing: technique or colour
  • That you have the confidence to apply or use that new thing yourself at home
  • That at least one of your questions have been answered
  • That you feel I addressed your individual concern/s and assets adequately
  • That you can take what you’ve learned here and apply the techniques for yourself using other makeup colours and palettes
  • That you FEEL more confident and beautiful when you leave than you did when you arrived

My Makeup Tips

I only recommend makeup that I use and love, and know is safe.  This year I have discovered Emani, and am delighted to have joined the Emani ‘family’.  It is natural, free from nasty chemicals and can be used on the most sensitive, immuno-suppressed skin.  It wears with incredible yet natural coverage and professional  lasting staying power.


Emani: safe, reliable, value for money


Soft natural beautiful colours


Professional quality


No harmful chemicals on your lips


  • As with most things in life, with makeup, the old adage is also true:

You only get what you pay for

  • Applying makeup is a skill.  Just like any other skill, it can be learned and perfected, but it will take practise and time.


  • The importance of using the correct tools cannot be overstated.  Buy and use good quality brushes and wash them regularly to keep them free from oil and makeup build-up



  • Always have cotton tips on hand – they are a makeup artists secret to expert application.

  • Unknown Your whole look can be let down by your lashes and mascara.  use an eyelash curler for perfectly lifted and separated lashes, then coat with fresh mascara.  Once opened, mascara  really only lasts for about 3 months.  Keep the wand free of build up, clumps and lost lashes by wiping with a clean tissue and/or running it under hot water.  Apply the mascara up and outwards for a more open eye.

Happy Making Up everyone!


Love Your Life, Love Your Style


Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’

It’s warming up here in Oz.  Time to get the summer wardrobe ready.  How’s your skin?  Is it ready for the revealing dresses and singlets of summer?

I’m a naturally pale, fair skinned soul.  Peeps like me do not and should not try to ‘tan’*.  Actually, with the prevalence of skin cancer in our country, nobody should.  But some can hold colour, and I believe that a bit of colour actually makes summer fashion look better.

There aren’t many options for a sun free colour.  Basically, there are only 3.  And I’m not counting solariums in that number, as the health risks there are not desirable either.


Spray Tans. Great if you’re about to star in your own wedding/party/special occasion.  They wear off, and done badly, they can streak.  I also do not find the whole ‘getting sprayed’ ordeal enjoyable.  And the colour doesn’t last very long on me.  I look good for the day after the spraying, then by day 3, I really need to get in there with a good scrub and get rid of the remainder as it’s usually gone blotchy. At around $35 a go, it is  special occasion thing for me.

images-1Self Tanning Creams.  I am yet to find one that doesn’t make me look yellow.  Actually, I haven’t seen it on many people who don’t look yellow or obvious.  And the yellow palms, knees and ankles are a dead giveaway that you’re using it.  I also found that as the colour developed on me, it did not smell so good. I gave it up a long time ago.

Tanning Makeup.  Yes.  ‘Makeup’.  I have found 2 products so far that I don’t mind.


Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs


I am not trying to create a look that makes me look darker than I really am, I just want to take that ‘cadaverous white’ appearance off my legs.  You know what I’m talking about.  So last summer, I used the Sally Hansen lightest shade on my legs, and also, on my arms and décolletage, when I was wearing a strappy summer dress or singlet.  And I was happy with the results.  I even wore it when I was swimming and it didn’t come off until I washed it off with a sponge in the shower.  I still have half a can left from last summer.  Not bad for $15.00.  By the way, although it comes in a spray can, you don’t just spray it all over yourself.  No.  Use a little moisturiser first, then spray a line of product and blend it in evenly, adding more as you build up to the colour you desire.

The second product I recently purchased to try is this one:


Dr LeWinns Instant Body Bronzer

It is just like a moisturising gel only with colour.  This product is excellent.  It blends in easily, dries quickly, looks natural, and doesn’t rub off on your clothing.  My only criticism would be the fragrance of the product, it would be better if it was unscented, as I use my own beautiful perfume, and don’t need help from a body lotion, but the smell faded away completely after about an hour.  I used it on my legs, arms, shoulders and décolletage for a realistic summer glow. I went to the beach with Pip for a walk, and it did kind of wash off where the sand and salt water continually rubbed at my ankles, but the rest stayed put.  This is my new favourite product and only cost $14.00.  Dr LeWinns are well known here in Australia as a skin care company, and they have a fairly good reputation.

So, what about you dear Reader?  What are your favorite ways to get your bod ready to be revealed?  If you do decide to try using natural sunshine, please make sure you use a 50+ sunscreen, at least on your face.  You will still get sun exposure even using sun protection creams.  Stay safe, and protect your skin from premature ageing!

Happy Tanning

Carpe Diem


*Except for the lass I work with who has the most amazing olive skin and no history of skin cancer gene in her family.  Keep sun baking Riss, some peeps are ok to enjoy it, just keep an eye on any ‘unusual’ freckles or spots xxx

Workshop Beauties

Makeup Workshop Saturday 21 September

It’s been all go here at Love Life Style Central.  Last week, I was busy doing formal makeup, this weekend I hosted the first Love Life Style Makeup Workshop for four beautiful women.  We had an afternoon of fun with makeup, a spot of yummy afternoon tea, and the glowing faces tell the story.  Makeup was by Emani.


The workshop space:
Each lady had a mirror, tools, brushes and makeup supplied

Topics covered included:

Colour selection for each client, correct position and application of product, one to one demonstration on how to create an eye look and a personalised template to take home, plus there were some great ‘style guide’ books available to get the creative juices flowing!

photo copy 2

Patsy, glowing and looking refreshed

JAckie Moore

Jackie minus her dark circles and looking five years younger!

photo copy

Lea and Belle, sunkissed and peachy!

photo copy 3

The happy group – beautiful ladies to work with!

The next Love Life Style Makeup Workshop will be on Saturday 12 October 2013.  Please register your interest by using the contact form below.

Love your Life, Love your Style.  Love Life Style.

Latest News and Reviews

Latest News from Love Life Style Central

Last week I had the privilege of attending a trade workshop with the founder, creator and CEO of Emani Makeup, Michelle Doan, here from the US to promote her fabulous brand at the Beauty and Spa Expo held in Sydney last month.

Tracey with Michelle Doan, Us creator and CEO of Emani Makeup

Tracey with Michelle Doan, US Creator and CEO of Emani Makeup

Michelle has suffered from severe cystic acne all her life.  She was sick and tired of spending money on cosmetics that she couldn’t safely and effectively use on her sensitive skin, so she got up and made her own.

Michelle related to the audience how she is super vigilant about every single ingredient that goes into her products because she wants a brand that can be safely used on any skin, even the most immuno-compromised.

Michelle’s brand ideology is about empowering women to be their best, so her brand bodes well with my own philosophy.  It was not only an honour, but also a delight to meet her.


In the same week, I had some clients for makeup consults and here are some of the comments that have come back:

Great product Tracey, simply love it, all mineral…I LOVE it.    –  KT from Hawthorne.

Love it!! So impressed with everything you have suggested, the colour range especially. I particularly love the bronzer and blush as it looks so natural compared to what I was using before. Emani stays on all day, no touch ups required…….well maybe on the nose but that’s about all!          –  SB from Mt Tamborine.

Formal Season Approaches

Brushing Up on the latest looks for Formal Makeup


It’s getting close to Graduation time for many, and that means Formal night approaches!

Latest trends include: lash extensions, bronzer, illuminator and liquid eyeliner – all to create a subtly stunning look carefully crafted for the individual.

I’m making sure my kit contains all the essential items to make my graduating clients look amazing for their special night.  Special makeup tips from me include using contouring and illuminating to get a great face shape, a deep dark smoky eye complete with lash extensions, an all over shimmery airbrush illuminator for shoulders and décolletage, luscious lips and not forgetting, brows to balance and complete the look.

A formal makeup will take approximately 1 hour,  and should be done after hair.  I am a mobile technician and can bring my makeup studio with me to the salon or your home.  I am doing great rates for 2 or more at the same venue, i.e., salon or home, so give me a call now.  No extra costs, all one price, any lashes are included.




New! Makeup Workshop

Makeup Workshop: Spring/Summer 2013

IMG_1873Saturday 21 September 2 – 4.30pm

Topics Covered:

Tools, Tips and Flawless Longlasting Application

Two looks: Day time Chic and Night time Smoky Eye


Personal colouring and shaping

Afternoon Tea

All tools and makeup

$25/head, maximum 4 people

Mudgeeraba Hinterland

By Qualified and experienced makeup artist

Book now on 0418151655

Things I’ve Learned So Far This Year

Part 2

Dark Dark Nails…

I always knew that dark nail polish existed.  I just never tried it.  Til this year.  Then I got bitten. Or smitten… or whatever.  I just love it.  Here are my favourite colours so far:


OPI Roadhouse Blues

OPI Roadhouse Blues

This colour is just like ink, a deep dark blue matte ink


OPI Midnight In Moscow

OPI Midnight in Moscow

This colour has a red base, with red frost lost somewhere deep inside

And finally,  an Oroton branded polish that I picked up in store for only AU$10 on sale


Oroton Festive Purple

It is a deep inky purple/grey called Festive Purple

What I love about these dark colours is, that they look great on short nails.  And mine are short.  I live life, and my nails suffer.  But in these colours, I feel very chic.  And that’s what matters, right?

What I Wore Today

IMG_1778Sunny and humid winter day on the Gold Coast (about 22 degrees celsius) could not bring myself to put on a pair of boots (too hot) so went for the red flats with bows (very cheery), red stretch jeans (Country Road), cotton knit top (Country Road) and microfibre fabric jacket (Trenery).  Watch is two-tone with mother of pearl face by Michael Kors (a Xmas present to myself last year)

I finished it with a snakeskin hobo (Oroton) and silver bling.


Eyebrows are here to demonstrate the Christian Eyebrow Kit powder and stencil.

The Eyes Have It

Express Yourself

A great look is one that is polished.  Your eyebrows define and frame your face, give your face shape, open up your eyes and express your emotions.  Over the years, eyebrows have undergone many variations of shape, from very thin to very thick.  They are  often suffering from being over-plucked or lacking in any real definition.   Thin high arched brows have definitely had their day, as have non-existent brows .  Sorry to say, both can make a face look aged.  Likewise, a freehand pencil line can be harsh and unnatural-looking, also creating an aged effect.


This young lady has naturally very fair brows.  See the difference between the ‘natural’ brow and the defined brow;  The eyebrow actually accentuates her make up, defines the shape of her face and gives her a finished, balanced look.

Introducing the Brow Kit by Christian


This wonderful little make up remedy  will have you looking defined and polished in a flash. Easy to use, water proof and fail safe, this compact comes with three basic eyebrow stencils, a double ended applicator brush and an eyebrow powder in a range of natural colours that will suit any colouring.  

I accept Paypal, so please register your order via the comment form below and I will send you a Paypal invoice and post to you free of charge.  If you are not sure of your correct colour, please contact me on the form below for more information.



The colour range from light to dark:

Taupe, Tan, Dark Brown, Brown, Bronze, Irid Brown, Charcoal, Black.

RRP AU$42.00 incl postage and handling