Client Reviews

Isabella and I did a ‘Love Life Style ‘Make Up workshop with Tracey from today and had a wonderful time together. Totally recommend this amazing workshop. Love it…                  – LN from Robina

Congratulations Trace and thank you again for your services, loving my new look and style!     I’m travelling to the US for business and pleasure in September so see another shopping trip together to get more tips. Never thought shopping for clothes and accessories could be this much fun!!         –   Suzanne B.

I truly feel grateful to Tracey Southwell founder of ‘Love Life Style’, for giving me the opportunity to learn how to better present myself to the world. That sounds like a big achievement right!? To be completely honest it was, and via such simple means. One year ago Tracey sat me down and explained the finer points to applying make-up and how it could enhance my features. We explored my cosmetic bag together and Tracey advised me of what each piece included was used for, something I took for granted I already knew…little did I know! After my make-over and the attentive advice Tracey gave me regarding face shape, attributes etc, I walked away feeling awakened ; ) I like to look as good as I can considering the trials and tribulations of daily life. I can sincerely say I feel like I can do that now with the shortest of beauty regime’s because I now know how to use make-up…and I look and feel great as a result, both inside and out and that’s how I learned to better present myself to the world!

Thank you Tracey, you really did teach me so much that day x         –  Alison B.

Great product Tracey, simply love it, all mineral…I LOVE it.    –  KT from Hawthorne.

Love it!! So impressed with everything you have suggested, the colour range especially. I particularly love the bronzer and blush as it looks so natural compared to what I was using before. Emani stays on all day, no touch ups required…….well maybe on the nose but that’s about all!          –  SB from Mt Tamborine.


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