A Passionate Life

Where it all began…

imagesMy mother was a hairdresser in the days when ladies could smoke in the salon and lacquer came in large bottles with a rubber squeeze pump on the end.  There was some serious Glamour happening back then. It also smelt like something that should have been illegal.  As soon as I could hold a broom, I went to work with my mother on school holidays and weekends. I swept, made tea and folded towels out the back.  I loved it.  The atmosphere, apart from being highly chemically toxic and smoky, was one of warmth and camaraderie.  Secret Women’s Business was being conducted.

Ever noticed how good you feel when your hair is freshly styled? You walk taller, you swing your head more animatedly, you feel like one of those girls from the shampoo ads who gets noticed by all the handsome people.

I am still passionate about hair, but my passion has grown to include make up, clothes and accessories.  It is this ‘feel-good’ feeling that I bring with me to my styling services.  I know how it feels when everything works together.  There’s nothing better than new clothes that suit and flatter, they make you feel fabulous. Hair and make up should compliment to create a complete picture of you, a reflection of your own style.  Confidence grows from knowing that everything is in place and that you look great.  You can

Live Your Best Life With Style!



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